Dr. Adolfo Orozco Torres

DATE OF BIRTH: May 11 1943.

• Physicist Facultad de Ciencias at the National University of Mexico.
• Researcher at the Geophysics Institute of the National University of Mexico since 1970.
• Researcher at the Center for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology at the Juriquilla Campus of the National University of Mexico from 1994 to 2008.
• Academic Secretary of the Geophysics Institute 1983-1993.
• In charge of the direction of the Geophysics Institute on many occasions.
• Coordinator of Teaching and Human Resource Training at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Systems 1998-1999 and of the Center for Applied Sciences and Technological Development, both of the National University of Mexico, March 2002-December 2003.
• President of the History Commission of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (1999-2003).
• Secretary of the National Organism of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (1999-2007).
• Associate Member of the German Academy of Geophysics History.


• 13 peer reviewed papers in international journals on his area of research: Cosmic Rays, Geomagnetism and History of Science. • 42 papers in National and International Congresses on his specialty. • Several papers in the Boletín Sindone, and several national magazines, as well as in the newspaper “Desde la Fe”, of the Archbishopric of Mexico, and in “Nuevo Criterio”.


• Charter Member and General Secretary of the Mexican Center of Sindonology 1983-1998.
• President of the Mexican Center of Sindonology since 1999.
• Conductor and Producer of the María Visión TV program “St. Albert Magnum, Dialogues between Science and Religion”. April 3, 2002.
• Lecturer on over 300 occasions on Science and the Holy Shroud and participant in several congresses on sindonology. • Co-organizer of the Congress “The Guadalupan Saving Event before Science”, at the Guadalupe Basilica, July 26-31, 2005.
• Many radio and TV interviews on the Holy Shroud.
• Several lectures on the Guadalupan Event.
• Several Radio and TV interviews on the scientific studies of Juan Diego’s tilma.
• Member of the Archicofradía de Guadalupe since May, 2004.
• Member of the Higher Institute for Guadalupan Studies since September, 2004.
• Read 4 papers in specialized Congresses on the Guadalupan Event.
• A regular contributor of the weekly publication “El Observador” of the Diocese of Toluca with the column “Science and Faith”, where he has published over 20 articles on the subject.
• Contributor of www.golgotaonline.com on religion, science and faith.

Lectures in congresses on the Holy Shroud and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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